Elena Renzi, with passion and determination wanted to open Elena Renzi Wedding and Event and for years she has been fulfilling the desire of all the people who want an expert advice, authoritative, to plan a unique and unforgettable event. On 20 July 2020, she decided to talk about her experience, through the publisher Youcanprint, in her first book “Destination Wedding“, which quickly became a bestseller. Who is the book aimed at? “This book is dedicated to all wedding planners or aspiring wedding planners who, thanks to my experience, really want to improve their work with passion, perseverance and determination,’ Elena Renzi said. She also explains ‘In this book, I have collected the most significant memories of weddings organised over the years. It’s amazing how you learn something from every event, how you always grow and at the same time are ready to face the next event with more skill and enthusiasm. I hope it will be useful for you to share my experience, which has brought me extraordinary joys, even though it has been very hard work. Secrets are hidden in the stories, the ones I have discovered since I took my first steps in this wonderful world. In 6 chapters, 110 pages, readers will learn about: new tips for the bride, the DIY wedding, the approach to the American client, The Wedding Planner KIT for a luxury event and much more!

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