A cascade of flowers for Beatrice and Paolo who decided to exchange their wedding vows in a dreamlike floral setting by Cinque Terre Floral Design.
We are on the beautiful shores of Lake Como, one of the most romantic locations in the world, which is the backdrop to the magnificent day of our couple.

In particular, the chosen location is Villa la Cassinella, the only villa on the lake that is only accessible through its waters. The exchange of vows takes place under this beautiful flowery arch that gives a touch of liveliness and colour to the whole ceremony, made even more emotional by the exchange of the diamond ring that belonged to the bride’s grandmother. Elena Renzi took care of everything down to the tiniest detail, starting with the choice of the actual location, the majestic and private Villa La Cassinella, which inspired the colour palette for the entire event: soft orange, green and peachy pink, designed to match perfectly and blend in with the breathtaking beauty of the villa and the lake.  

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