Who says that only weddings deserve to be held in luxury villas, with top-quality live music and elaborate decorations? Even a birthday can be organised in order to become a memorable and classy event, and this is what Laura wanted for her special day: on her birthday, a boat took the birthday lady and her guests to Villa la Cassinella, one of the most exclusive villas on Lake Como, reachable only by boat. Upon arrival at the villa, guests were greeted by a view that already announced the beauty and attention for details that would characterize the entire day; inside, on the table, we set up floral structures on the tone of fuchsia composed of roses, orchids, peonies and other beautiful flowers then embellished with small candles, which made the atmosphere romantic but chic. For the occasion, the great musician Saule Kilaite delighted everyone with the notes of her elegant harp, and then a magician and his assistant entertained those present. Finally, it was time for the cake: in the colours of white, yellow and gold, decorated with roses and delicious macaroons, it was the perfect conclusion to such a special and wonderful day.
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