A wedding planner and a designer can have a lot in common. When Tomas Than and I met, a deep professional understanding was immediately born, based on shared ideas and values. The importance given to the smallest of details and the desire to provide the client with an impeccable, personalised and carefully thought-out service, united us in the realisation of a project that I care a lot about, and which turned out to be a success: we decided to put tradition aside for a moment, and experiment with something new with the creation of a personalised wedding ring holder with the initials of the bride and groom, which could also be used after the wedding, instead of the usual ring pillow. In this way, the ring holder becomes an everyday object that is no longer forgotten after the wedding, but rather continues to bring back memories of their most beautiful day to the protagonists. Obviously, on the day our product was made public, we could not help but celebrate: I organised a delicious reception, during which I had personalised biscuits and sugared almonds served bearing Tomas’ name: with neutral, elegant and classy colours, the subtle personalisation I created for the event reflected the refined elegance of Tomas Than’s bags, which I had the pleasure of admiring for the occasion.
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