What makes Italy unique is the variety of landscapes that this ancient land has to offer, so much so that anyone can find their ideal location, from North to South: whether you love the lake or the sea, cold climates or warm ones, you will easily find the perfect place for your big event.

If you are fascinated by the blue sea of the Mediterranean Sea, Capri will leave you speechless. A land that has been a source of inspiration for countless artists and intellectuals, Capri proves to be one of the best settings for a romantic summer wedding: it was here that I organised the wedding of Elisa and Scott, who swore their eternal love under an arch of pink flowers that already suggested the colour that would characterise the entire event. For an all-Southern experience, the bride and groom took a ride in a quaint Ape car decorated with flowers, and finally made their way to the beautiful venue I set up for them: under a lemon grove that smelled of the Mediterranean and summer, I created a reception where pink and candles played the leading roles, something that turned a naturally romantic atmosphere into a real fairytale.

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