The area surrounding Lake Como usually fills up with tourists during the spring and winter seasons, when it is possible to enjoy warm, relaxing days on the lake shores, stroll through the historic streets and take long boat rides. Not many people choose to visit the lake in autumn or winter, when temperatures drop and the wind starts to blow harder. Those few who choose to visit the lake during the colder months, however, have the opportunity to experience something that is no less impressive than that enjoyed by lovers of the summer; during the festive season, for example, Como becomes a welcoming and festive place, illuminated by many Christmas lights that warm the hearts of those who walk through its streets. For lovers of the Christmas atmosphere, therefore, Lake Como presents the perfect backdrop for the celebration of the most important moments…rare, but certainly original, are the weddings that are celebrated during this time of year: the Winter Weddings.

A Winter Wedding is the best choice for those who want a truly unique and original wedding, since it is not only the time of year that changes: the palette, the flowers, the wedding dress, the flavours…all the typical components of the usual summer wedding are replaced by elements suited to the winter climate and colours, which will make your event stand out from all the others. For Christmas lovers, it is also possible to organise a themed wedding: in this case, the venue will be illuminated by a myriad of little lights and the area will be embellished with many Christmas trees that will warm up the atmosphere, making your most important day incredibly evocative.

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