When the bride and groom with clear ideas and a wedding planner who wants to fulfill their dreams meet, the outcome can only be the perfect wedding. I had already met Stephanie and Colin some time before they confirmed their marriage, and they immediately made their wish clear: celebrating their most important day in the beautiful Villa del Balbianello; sure of their choice, they waited as long as necessary before that could happen, but it was definitely worth it. Being Colin a US Navy Commander, their ceremony was made in the name of American pride, but the two spouses showed to appreciate in the same way the land that hosted their wedding: in the Villa, the flag of the United States and that of Italy welcomed the guests, and the two hymns filled with emotion the present ones. Despite the many years I spent working in this field, every marriage still manages to excite me; but the Stephanie and Colin’s one, in particular, succeeded in a way that I never expected: in order to be able to expose the American flag along with the Italian one, Colin proved to trust me by entrusting me with the very same flag that he kept with him while serving in Baghdad. This gesture, which moved me very much, made me realize how proud I am of the fact that so many married couples every year decide to put their trust in me, just as Colin did on this occasion. After the ceremony, as usual, the two lovers passed under the swords, and this has definitively established their union. At this point, it’s time to celebrate: the beautiful Villa del Balbianello, enriched with classic decorations in which white dominated, welcomed guests; and they, in this occasion, have been treated with great regard by the spouses: the two, in fact, were so attentive to ensure that each of their guests had the opportunity to choose what type of courses to receive and we, as a result, were able to organize a reception with attention to details, tailored to the bride and groom and their guests.
Location :Villa del Balbianello Wedding Photographer : Gianluca Adovasio From : USA

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