She said yes'


A spectacular wedding can only be preceded by a proposal that lives up to its name: when your friends ask you: "Which one of you asked the other to get married? And how?" you will want to tell them the story of the most romantic proposal of all time: with the help of an experienced luxury event planner like me, your dream of a breathtaking marriage proposal will come true and your better half will say yes.
As a wedding planner who works almost exclusively with foreign clients, my strength lies in destination weddings. But did you know that it is also possible to organise fantastic destination proposals? After all, it's hard to think of a more spectacular proposal than one made during a holiday in one of the most romantic lands in the world, such as Italy. On the shores of its lakes and seas, on its mountains and in its cities of art, you will find plenty of opportunities for an unforgettable proposal.

What guarantees the success of my projects is that each one is tailor-made for each client: the most important point is that the proposal should be based on your personality and that of your partner, fully reflecting your style; for this reason I will take your ideas and put them at the basis of my project and, on this basis, I will build your great proposal in detail, right up to the decisive moment; you will not have to struggle in the search for the perfect idea, because my team and I will design the most suitable event for you and, when you are finally ready to take your big step, we will be backstage to make sure that everything goes as planned: you won’t have to think about anything else but enjoying the astonishment and excitement on your better half’s face!

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