For a wedding planner, love is always the protagonist and, that one at first sight is definitely one of the most special: in the case of Raffaello and Stephanie, however, love at first sight is what they felt one day for Villa Pizzo, when passing in front of it during a boat ride, they decided that it would be the place where they would celebrate their most important day. From the start, fulfilling their wish proved complicated; however, what is written in destiny cannot be changed and, thanks also to the precious help of his parents, in the end we managed to get the Villa for their special day. Many aim to be able to celebrate their wedding in the famous Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio, but the most modest choice of Raphael and Stephanie proved to be really winning: the small but modest Basilica of St. Calimero hosted their ceremony, providing a wonderful backdrop for their “I do” moment. Right from the start, Stephanie proved to be a bride who knows what she wants, and so we helped her to set aside the traditional white monopoly when decorating and dare to use brighter colours such as red, particularly for the flowers. Also some ideas, that the bride and groom had, were very original, such as making a wooden bench that guests had to sign and that the newlyweds could have brought home, so that it could remain an indelible memory of that moment of joy. At the end of the dinner, the beautiful naked cake and confetti candies made by the mother of the groom delighted the guests, who surely will never forget such a special day.
Location : Villa Pizzo Wedding Photographer : Sandra Luoni From : England

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