«That branch of the lake of Como, which extends towards the south, is enclosed by two unbroken chains of mountains, which, as they advance and recede, diversify its shores with numerous bays and inlets. Suddenly the lake contracts itself, and takes the course and form of a river, between a promontory on the right, and a wide open shore on the opposite side». This is I Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni. Villa Lario stands right there, in Mandello del Lario, world famous for being the home of the iconic Moto Guzzi. Its charm dates back to the early twentieth century and you can admire the splendid view that embraces Lecco and Bellagio and its colourful private park full of flowers and cedars. Artists from all over the world have stayed here, in love with its history, its rooms and its surroundings where nature embraces refined architecture. Furthermore, visitors love it for its proximity to Milan, Como and Bergamo, and the many walks and trekking routes that the surroundings offer. Villa Lario, amidst historic villas and picturesque villages, guarded by Alpine peaks, has its own heliport and boat dock, guaranteeing total privacy. Two private docks can be reached on foot, while natural caves – overlooking the lake – contribute to its fairytale atmosphere. Villa Lario is exclusive, and is also capable of hosting weddings in grand style, thanks to the grandeur of its interior and exterior spaces. It is also perfect for photo shoots, fashion shows, business and team building activities. Guests can choose from 5 luxury suites, Bellagio, Varenna, Mandello, Dervio and Oliveto, with their open-air marble and fine parquet floors,in which the atmosphere is one of enchantment and magic.

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