Time seems to stop at the sight of one of the most prestigious residences on Lake Como. Absorbed in the magical atmosphere of the lake, it is one of the most exclusive locations in northern Italy, made such by its lush English-style gardens, the dock on the lake, the picturesque background, and its interiors kept faithful to their original state. A stay at Villa Pizzo is the perfect way to live an all-Italian dream, indeed, in the name of a balanced elegance that is going to leave you breathless. It was owned by Gian Battista Muggiasca, bishop of Como: he belonged to the neoclassical furnishings and the monument of Alessandro Volta, which can still be admired here today. Numerous changes of ownership led to its purchase, in 1871, by the Milanese family Volpi Bassani. We can get to the Villa through the characteristic avenue of cypress trees, which is still today a symbol of Italian elegance and it can be an ideal setting for extraordinary weddings, even though reserved.

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