On the serene shores of Lake Como, on a mild day despite the Winter season, Ivory and Jason came together in an intimate yet profoundly meaningful ceremony. In the past, the two shared a deep bond, only to be led down different paths by life. Yet, they rediscovered each other years later, still deeply in love and ready to unite their lives forever. Ivory and Jason immediately showed themselves to be very much in love, passionate about art and sensitive to the symbolic meanings that every detail can hold. Nothing was left to chance on their big day; rather, each element narrated their unique story. Within the sumptuous setting of Villa d’Este, the color red dominated the scene, imbuing every moment with passion and intensity. From the majestic handcrafted silk poppies that adorned the ceremony with their dramatic presence to the flowers meticulously arranged by The Blonde Flower, perfectly matched to the attire of the enchanting violinists. Despite the bold choice of red, the result was anything but overbearing. Instead, the atmosphere was pervaded by an unparalleled refined elegance. The ceremony was permeated with romantic symbolism, with the circle chosen as a central element due to its profound significance. As a universal symbol, the circle represents eternity, unity, perfection, and endless love. Indeed, this meaning perfectly suited the story of our newlyweds. The moment was made even more poignant by the choice of a melody that resonated during an equally intense event: Marina Abramović‘s performance titled The Artist is Present, during which she met the gaze of her great love, Ulay, after many years of separation. The couple thus paid tribute to the power of love and the beauty of bonds that withstand the test of time. After the emotional ceremony, it was time for the inevitable highlight of any wedding on Lake Como: the romantic boat ride. Aboard the Musa Hotel’s boat, the newlyweds had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the breathtaking beauty of Lake Como in winter and its picturesque views. The couple’s deep love for art was tangibly expressed even after the ceremony in the reception table setup. The colors and shapes chosen drew inspiration from the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, known for her extraordinary expression of concepts such as infinity and connection with the universe. The table thus took on an artistic guise, echoing the distinctive features of the artist’s works in vibrant colors and geometric forms. At the conclusion of the event, the newlyweds wished to express their gratitude to the guests by gifting them hand-painted, personalized blown glass Christmas baubles from Bellagio, true works of art. Each sphere bore the names of the couple, the unforgettable wedding date, and the unmistakable image of Villa d’Este.
Venue : Villa d’Este Photographer  Cristiano Ostinelli From : Texas

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