Two people in love, lots of little lights illuminating their faces and beautiful scented flowers: if we think of a romantic atmosphere, these are the things that come to mind, and this is also what Adam and Denise wanted for their most special day. But let’s start from the beginning: our couple chose the luxurious suites of Villa d’Este to spend the days before and after their wedding, while they chose the magical atmosphere of Villa Pizzo to begin their journey together. A perfect wedding is also made so by the people who share this special day with the bride and groom: like the bride’s friends, all beautiful and matching in their floral dresses, which gave an extra touch of colour to the day. Flowers were also in the spotlight during the most important moment of the day, the “I do“: a green arch of flowers framed Adam and Denise while the father of the groom celebrated their union, to the emotion and happiness of all. In the evening, we worked hard to create a romantic, intimate and almost rural atmosphere that left everyone breathless: the bride, the groom and their guests dined outdoors, illuminated by strings of lights suspended above the tables and surrounded by flowers, listening to the melody of guitars and mandolins played by musicians from Capri, which made the atmosphere even more magical. At the end, everyone moved inside the villa and danced until late, almost as if they didn’t want the evening to end. The next day, the bride and groom took a ride on the historic Concordia, an old-fashioned steamboat that made their experience on Lake Como even more exclusive.
Location :Villa D’Este; Villa Pizzo Wedding Photographer : Gabriele Basilico From : Scandinavy

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