Megan and Roger chose the picturesque shores of Lake Como to celebrate their love. The perfect setting? The beautiful Villa Lario, a place that captured the couple’s hearts from the first glance, so much so that they decided to stay there during the three days of pure magic of their destination wedding in Italy.
From the start, Megan and Roger showed that they wanted to actively participate in the organization of their wedding. So, we worked side by side to turn their dream into a wedding that exceeded every expectation. From choosing the color palette to taking care of every detail of the stationery, every element was chosen with passion and dedication.
Eager to make their big day memorable for their loved ones too, the two lovers chose to anticipate the moment of the photos before the ceremony and experience the emotion of a first look on board a magnificent white Riva boat. A tribute to the groom’s passion for the 007 saga, a moment that made the day even more special.
For the ceremony, Lake Como Fiorist helped create a fairytale atmosphere: the couple walked through an outdoor aisle lined with flowers in delicate colors; a semi-arch on the ground added a touch of romance to their vows exchange. Pastel colors painted the scene, creating a delicate and refined atmosphere that enchanted all the guests. During the ceremony, no phones in sight, only eyes shining with emotion fixed on the couple who were sealing their love. After the ceremony, an aperitif delighted the guests, preparing them for an elegant and refined dinner.
The most extraordinary moment of the evening? Undoubtedly the bride’s change of look just moments before the arrival of the wedding cake, which left everyone breathless. Megan amazed everyone by not only changing her dress but completely transforming her appearance, including makeup and, above all, her hair. Cutting her hair behind the scenes, she welcomed a new and exciting part of her life.
The cutting of the cake was illuminated by magnificient fireworks, which added a trail of magic to the moment. Then, everyone hit the dance floor to celebrate an unforgettable day. The following day, a brunch by the pool warmed the hearts of the newlyweds and guests, concluding this extraordinary experience amidst sunshine, laughter, and happiness.  
Venue : Villa Lario
Photography: Matteo Coltro
Video: Whitesfilm
From: San Francisco

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