A perfect wedding is made up of the union of many small details, and that is exactly what made Gianfranco and Stefano’s big day so special: everything was taken care of with great attention, from the magical locations to the color palettes. The grooms decided to celebrate their union inside a greenhouse with a surreal atmosphere, and this location conferred a fairy aura to the ceremony, which was celebrated by a dear friend of theirs. After all, a wedding with the beloved person is a dream come true, and my aim as a wedding planner is to make the couple feel the protagonist of a wonderful dream. On their arrival at Villa del Grumello, the grooms and guests gathered in the forecourt of the villa, where an imperial table was decorated to the smallest detail in shades of brown: the menus and place cards made of Japanese paper and hot-etched were also brown, as were the candles and the packaging for the gift the bride and groom wanted to give their friends and relatives: a book about the history and culture of the LGBTQ+ community world, a theme that is obviously very close to their hearts. In the evening, the colourfully lit façade of the villa provided the background for the dinner, after which it was the time for the wedding cake: but it did not came out already assembled and decorated as traditionally; instead, the chef realized the mille-feuille cake right in front everyone on the spot, and this left the guests breathless. Gianfranco and Stefano’s wedding was for sure one of the most moving I have ever done, and the one that remembered me best the reason why I love my job: the joy within the grooms’ eyes when they understand that their most important day has turned out perfect.
Location : Villa del Grumello Wedding Photographer : Gabriele Basilico From : Italy

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